October 19, 2011

What Time Tonight ??? ....7.30 SHARP !

 So 7.30pm in England is 7.30 pm.. but because this is France I accept to play the game and let you arrive  "late" that's to say 5 mins late. .. no later please.
 England is One hour behind its  true... but 6.30 is too early ! and a minute 7.30 before would be perfect ..

 Whatever time you finally arrive ... please remember its : " Fun and Games " Time ;. a chance to learn and revise English with a smile , to meet new people and to SPEAK ENGLISH ... yes the "  Only English Spoken" sign will be there to welcome you ! ..
 So see you this evening ..
 ps there will be " nibbles"  ( crisps / cakes and a drink included in the price).. but I trust you to eat before or after...

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