October 18, 2011

Games Night on Thursday THIS week

 SO ....... just to see who has been following the blog ....
 The answers are :
1) 88
2) 222 (b)
3) 31

 The Irish flag is Green, white and orange! ...
 But dont stop  there because
  the  Fun  continues...
  a) there  is an error in one of the answers ... which ? and what is the correct answer ?
  b) There was a word missing in one of the questions on the last blog. .. What  was the word ?

If you get these answers correct  and spell the following   surname correctly in English from memory on Thursday you will win a prize . The name is  "  Karavelioglu" .. you must also guess to whom the name belongs.  He or She will be present .. so watch out !!!!!!!!
 look forward to seeing the 16 people who have registered !!!
 ...  For those who didnt register on time .. there will be another quizz night ..... !!!
 so " eyes down " for Thursday's first English Bingo in Rouen .......

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