November 12, 2018

"This is England " 7th short film competition Edition starts TONIGHT !

 Hope to see you there ;. the films are on all week

 see link below for programme details

September 8, 2018

Chapter 3 begins ...

So ,  the Ruhanga development school chapter is over .. with quite mixed feelings I admit (long story) but now i'm turning a page  and moving swiftly on to  :
 CHAPTER 3 .... .. and it certainly looks as though I will be travelling and speaking English ( or Welsh ) ; but maybe more to cats than people as i'd like to House sit round the world, with select company  while working on my " PHEW "project  :"Private Holiday English Weeks"  which may become chapter 4 in a year or so .. ( ideas welcome)
 With regards to abc group  conversation classes , they may just resume in a while but not on a weekly basis and  individual conference preparation is still an option...
 so WATCH THIS SPACE and BONNE RENTREE to you all of course !

June 20, 2018

Today's the day .... " feel the fear and do it anyway "

My bags are packed am ready to go ...YES am nervous , but YES i want to do this .. ive wanted to for 30 years ...!!

CHAPTER 2 of ABC is well underway and the ABC letters with names and donations are on their way to UGANDA .. THANK YOU all for your support ...
am not sure of anything else but ... will be in touch if and when can ...

kisses and thanks to all
 QUEEN P ;) !

June 13, 2018

This Time next week ...

 I will be on my way to Ruhanga Development school  in 7 days !!

 Cant wait  !! am packing bags with goodies for the  children for arts and crafts and English learning

 Hope you'll follow me here on my adventure ......
 for those of you who want to be part of this English Learning project , you can still donate at

 100% of the money goes to the school , for walls , windows , learning materials or the medical centre ... and it will be your way of accompanying me ...!
 kisses and watch this space ;)

 Queen P ..

June 1, 2018

leaving in 3 weeks

 Excited but nervous .. please accompany me  symbolically  with a small contribution to buy  :
B ag of
C ement to help build the school walls  !!.. only 9 euros ...;)  or an English book to take out there ..

 vaccines done , bags nearly packed with pens and craftwork  now just need support  from anyone that English has helped in their lives ..

 kisses and thanks to all my friends and students past and present ;)
 Queen P looking forward to meeting 
Queen A seen here;)

April 8, 2018

Thanks for your donations !

  Any  more money raised on my fundraising page  at BTDONATE

helps the school classroom and  buys books and shoes for the children like Queen A and Smith T

 Queen P 

April 3, 2018

Chapter 2 begins ...

Dear friends and students , 

 Thank you to those who came on Saturday evening to the cellar  ro say “ Au revoir” . I was touched  to see you and for your kind words. Several of you  couldn’t come, i missed you !  but  i know some  want  to know  more about my 

“ Chapter 2 “  of the ABC Cellar and how you can support me  and continue to  speak and read in English      ……..       so  :
A) By telling me it's a good idea 
A) by telling me it’s a good idea          
B) ) by telling me it will be great              
C) by telling me i can do it ! …….     

 ( Ugandan flag colours  ;) ) 

 and  by  reading about  my trip on the blog  here  and keeping in touch  with YOUR NEWS  too by mail at the usual address ...

….and more concretely and practically (  Thank you to those  of you who  have already ) by 

a)  Contributing to the building of the new classroom  in Ruhanga with tha ABC Cellar logo on its wall 

100% of your donation goes to the school  !

  There is more info in English to read here about the school : 


c)  by sponsoring a child’s education  at  only 5 euros 70 cents  per month as i have …
"  Queen A and Smith T "

 picture of  "Queen A tuwatse

  I still have a few    ABC  Cellar  TEA mugs “ left  for the students  who wish  to contribute and  have a “ souvenir “  of  the cellar ...

 I will organise an afternoon  Tea  and conversation   and  Evening Wine and English conversation in the next few weeks to fundraise and tell you more about  the school , my plans and progress 

« Take time for English at the ABC  Uganda Project  »
 kisses  to all and thanks again 

Queen P 

March 9, 2018

The end of ABC ?

Dear all,  Students and friends

  kn=nl  “ Thank you”  mlhรนxkn

for  having been part of the “ABC Cellar” members  in conversation  classes or Theme Nights …

Thank you  for your confidence in me whether you came for 5 classes or 6 years… !

A  chapter  of ABC is now closing as :
       Jane at the bookshop is retiring and It’s a good time for me to close my ABC  cellar doors and  …… 
 for my new project to start !

 So I’m inviting you to my  
             “HOUSE  CLOSING “ at the ABC Cellar

            on Saturday 31st  March from 6pm to  11pm 

Come and share a glass of wine or two,  see past members, speak English ( or French exceptionally )  and share fond memories…and  maybe encourage the :

            k ujhv          “NEW ME at 53 “ !!            khvj i

and why not even continue to read my blog  in English  and/or be a small part of my 

 “NEW  UGANDAN ABC  PROJECT” where i go as a volunteer in June/ July 

I  will be very happy to see you again and share a  last moment at 
the ABC  Cellar .  
RSVP so i know how much wine ;) ( If You cant pass by , many thanks again anyway for your support )

Kisses to all,   
  Pascale  ( aka Queen p ;)   

« Take time for English at the ABC Cellar »