April 3, 2018

Chapter 2 begins ...

Dear friends and students , 

 Thank you to those who came on Saturday evening to the cellar  ro say “ Au revoir” . I was touched  to see you and for your kind words. Several of you  couldn’t come, i missed you !  but  i know some  want  to know  more about my 

“ Chapter 2 “  of the ABC Cellar and how you can support me  and continue to  speak and read in English      ……..       so  :
A) By telling me it's a good idea 
A) by telling me it’s a good idea          
B) ) by telling me it will be great              
C) by telling me i can do it ! …….     

 ( Ugandan flag colours  ;) ) 

 and  by  reading about  my trip on the blog  here  and keeping in touch  with YOUR NEWS  too by mail at the usual address ...

….and more concretely and practically (  Thank you to those  of you who  have already ) by 

a)  Contributing to the building of the new classroom  in Ruhanga with tha ABC Cellar logo on its wall 

100% of your donation goes to the school  !

  There is more info in English to read here about the school : 


c)  by sponsoring a child’s education  at  only 5 euros 70 cents  per month as i have …
"  Queen A and Smith T "


 picture of  "Queen A tuwatse

  I still have a few    ABC  Cellar  TEA mugs “ left  for the students  who wish  to contribute and  have a “ souvenir “  of  the cellar ...

 I will organise an afternoon  Tea  and conversation   and  Evening Wine and English conversation in the next few weeks to fundraise and tell you more about  the school , my plans and progress 

« Take time for English at the ABC  Uganda Project  »
 kisses  to all and thanks again 

Queen P 

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