October 3, 2013


 .. but there will be more soon ! The Games evening was very quickly booked up , with regulars and newcomers to the cellar ..
 So for those who are coming : revise you numbers 1 - 100  for Bingo , check your alphabet , revise you English culture and prepare your smile and best accent ..
 There have been an incredible amount of " Coincidences" with people meeting people they have already met .. so who knows you may meet up with an old friend or find a new partner !!
 Life is full of surprises so Forget your French , " Be prepared " for Fun and Games  and a glass of Wine  and this year's First Games night  . Thursday 10th Oct from 8pm Sharp to 10 pm .. ish ;)

 If you couldn't get a place but need  to hear more English and laughter , you can do so  at the MDU
 ( Maison de l'universit√© at Mt st Aignan )on Friday 11th. you can join me  to watch  the best of  Silly Sketches by " STILL KIDDING"  !
so see you next weeku