October 16, 2012

October 8, 2012


  An English short Film festival is coming to Rouen ... should be VERY intersting .. click on Link below :


 and meanwhile , for the Romantics  ( ?)! another Version of  the Classic Jane Eyre  is on at the Melville Rouen ...


October 3, 2012

Some dates for your diary ...

If you are / were unable to come to games Night in October, don't worry ... By popular request there will be another one soon ; but on a WEDNESDAY    next time 14th  NOVEMBER  . From  8pm to 10pm.
 You can  reserve your place already. Usual conditions apply.

 The following event will be the really popular Christmas Night with  Mulled Wine , Crackers and pudding . With Christmas traditions and of course  CAROL SINGING . ( Who is Carol you may ask ? ) well come and find out :) .. and join in  the singing!  Thursday 20th December ( 12 euros )

 And Next year we will of course start the year with BURN'S NIGHT ..A Traditional  Scottish meal of tatties and haggis will be  cooked by a wee Scots lass and myself .  AND WE ALREADY HAVE A PROMISE OF A MAN IN A KILT ....
 Tuesday 22nd January 20 euros  including Whisky tasting !

 ... so  SIGN UP NOW at p.abcbooks@gmail.com
 see you soon !