October 26, 2011

Before your very eyes ....

 I am pleased to confirm that the next  very special evening will be held on :
                                     THURSDAY  November  24th at 7.45 pm sharp,
 as part of  the   "Take Time for English  Theme Nights" at  ABC Cellar !

.                          " The Illusion of Time" .. by Guilhem Julia
                                l'anglais et la magie autrement.. 

 So .. cast your eyes before it disappears on the link to the  site Imagienaire on the blog here below the  goldfish. ( Don't forget to feed them, first !)  Guilhem has travelled round the World and won 3rd prize in a Worldwide competition several years ago with his incredible " Fish Act" .. yes the title is originally in English ! . .......Guilhem JULIA appartient à une nouvelle génération de magiciens.
L'originalité de sa magie l'a souvent amené à se produire à l'étranger, notamment en Hollande,au Maroc et en Chine.
Lauréat aux Championnats de France en magie rapprochée en 2003 et 2004, il  termine 3ème de sa catégorie aux  Championnats du Monde de Magie qui se sont déroulés à Stockholm en Suède.

 Though he will not perform this act , there WILL be goldfish present .. so join me and  him and the others to see this great magic show IN ENGLISH of course on the Theme of  TIME ... ...
...SIGN UP QUICK  Not much Time ( nor many places) left !

October 20, 2011

Games night ..

 so Games night has been .. and gone  .. with lots of funny and happy   moments;   I hope and think the people present learnt something ? i learnt alot :) .. I was so busy that no photos were taken of the evening .. but maybe that's a good sign ???

 Please sign up for the next theme night , there are few places left .. More info will be posted soon about that .. .. looking forward to it .; lets hope it will be as magic as this one was for me .. ;) goodnight sweet ladies, goodnight and Goodnight .. from me and T.S Eliot ...

October 19, 2011

What Time Tonight ??? ....7.30 SHARP !

 So 7.30pm in England is 7.30 pm.. but because this is France I accept to play the game and let you arrive  "late" that's to say 5 mins late. .. no later please.
 England is One hour behind its  true... but 6.30 is too early ! and a minute 7.30 before would be perfect ..

 Whatever time you finally arrive ... please remember its : " Fun and Games " Time ;. a chance to learn and revise English with a smile , to meet new people and to SPEAK ENGLISH ... yes the "  Only English Spoken" sign will be there to welcome you ! ..
 So see you this evening ..
 ps there will be " nibbles"  ( crisps / cakes and a drink included in the price).. but I trust you to eat before or after...

October 18, 2011

Games Night on Thursday THIS week

 SO ....... just to see who has been following the blog ....
 The answers are :
1) 88
2) 222 (b)
3) 31

 The Irish flag is Green, white and orange! ...
 But dont stop  there because
  the  Fun  continues...
  a) there  is an error in one of the answers ... which ? and what is the correct answer ?
  b) There was a word missing in one of the questions on the last blog. .. What  was the word ?

If you get these answers correct  and spell the following   surname correctly in English from memory on Thursday you will win a prize . The name is  "  Karavelioglu" .. you must also guess to whom the name belongs.  He or She will be present .. so watch out !!!!!!!!
 look forward to seeing the 16 people who have registered !!!
 ...  For those who didnt register on time .. there will be another quizz night ..... !!!
 so " eyes down " for Thursday's first English Bingo in Rouen .......

October 12, 2011

Sign up for Fun and Games Night NEXT WEEK

Revise your numbers...
1) Which number is associated with TWO FAT LADIES in ENGLISH LOTO ?
2) What  number House on Baker Street did Sherlock Holmes live at ?
3)To the nearest mile how long is the Channel ?

 Find out before or on the  20th OCTOBER at 7.45  !

 Learn vocabulary and test your memory
  learn about  British Culture 
.....and meet new people  who love English . !!.
12 euros. Prizes to win. Please register and pay in advance .. 6 places left !
 What colours are the Irish Flag ?
 Look for a clue here ...

October 8, 2011

Theme Nights: Take Time for English "Apprenez l'anglais différemment !"


What are Theme Nights ?
A way to learn English differently, effortlessly and pleasurably
 Who can come ?
Adults and Teens ..  all levels ... ( PEU IMPORTE VOTRE NIVEAU )
What is the price ?
From 12 - 20 euros depending on the evening.  Refreshments included                
Where are they  held ?
 In the ABC Bookshop Cellar, Passage de la petite Horloge Rouen
What time ?
 Normally from 7.30 pm to 9.30pm or 8pm to 10pm.
How do I register ?
 By mail to p.abcbooks@gmail.com. Please pay in advance. Seats are limited ! ( 15-20 people )
What else  should I know ?
 Nothing .. come and Enjoy yourselves in a cosy British home atmosphere.. and IMPROVE FAST !
I'm pleased to announce the theme night dates as follows ..
A) THURSDAY  20th 0CTOBER 7.45-9.45 pm( 12 euros)
 TIME FOR FUN :Games Night... test you vocabulary , numbers and culture in English ! Prizes to be won
B)  THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER 8pm - 10pm ( 18 euros)
     "The Illusion of Time" A magic show in English by the Renowned magician Guilhem Julia. See his site at Imagienaire
 C) TUESDAY 6th DECEMBER Time to be confirmed.. Time for love and SONG ... Here the  Impeccable English from the Rouen based Barbershop song group

One Two Two : quintet Barbershop style: barbe.over-blog.net/

D) Christmas carol Singing: 
F)   Time for Scotland .; end of January : discover the Poet Robert Burns and taste the famous  haggis neeps and Shortbread on this special  Scottish night...

  Tell your Friends ... a few places left for the dates to christmas !