October 26, 2011

Before your very eyes ....

 I am pleased to confirm that the next  very special evening will be held on :
                                     THURSDAY  November  24th at 7.45 pm sharp,
 as part of  the   "Take Time for English  Theme Nights" at  ABC Cellar !

.                          " The Illusion of Time" .. by Guilhem Julia
                                l'anglais et la magie autrement.. 

 So .. cast your eyes before it disappears on the link to the  site Imagienaire on the blog here below the  goldfish. ( Don't forget to feed them, first !)  Guilhem has travelled round the World and won 3rd prize in a Worldwide competition several years ago with his incredible " Fish Act" .. yes the title is originally in English ! . .......Guilhem JULIA appartient à une nouvelle génération de magiciens.
L'originalité de sa magie l'a souvent amené à se produire à l'étranger, notamment en Hollande,au Maroc et en Chine.
Lauréat aux Championnats de France en magie rapprochée en 2003 et 2004, il  termine 3ème de sa catégorie aux  Championnats du Monde de Magie qui se sont déroulés à Stockholm en Suède.

 Though he will not perform this act , there WILL be goldfish present .. so join me and  him and the others to see this great magic show IN ENGLISH of course on the Theme of  TIME ... ...
...SIGN UP QUICK  Not much Time ( nor many places) left !

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