October 20, 2011

Games night ..

 so Games night has been .. and gone  .. with lots of funny and happy   moments;   I hope and think the people present learnt something ? i learnt alot :) .. I was so busy that no photos were taken of the evening .. but maybe that's a good sign ???

 Please sign up for the next theme night , there are few places left .. More info will be posted soon about that .. .. looking forward to it .; lets hope it will be as magic as this one was for me .. ;) goodnight sweet ladies, goodnight and Goodnight .. from me and T.S Eliot ...


  1. I enjoyed this very pleasant moment, lots of fun with lots of kind people... MsG showed a great teaching skill on this particular topic. To be continued!... :)

  2. thanks for your encouragement !.. so come to the next one .. it's sheer magic .. the magician's skills will be even greater !