April 19, 2012

philoso...tea !

                        The next " Theme night" is a "theme" afternoon ! 2 afternoons  in fact.
 Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May from 3.30pm to 5.30 pm  at the Cellar
Tea and Cake included...

 Come and discuss or listen to :

" There are neither bad books  nor ugly women !"

on Saturday...

and /or

on Sunday :

   "Who says the English can't cook "

 Invited Guest : English speaking Cook from " La Petite Bouffe" Rouen,

                                                            Julien leger   

Two fun subjects to discuss  and learn about  amongst fellow anglophiles !

ps both Men  AND women  are welcome on BOTH DAYS !
All ages and levels welcome to register.. but it helps if you enjoy talking  and sharing your ideas!

 Both of these will be starting points to meet new people and to talk about "What we read and why " .."and What the English eat  and how."..

 Come and share your thoughts and experiences and share English  recipes for food and  for life !

 15 euros  per 2 hour session or 25 euros for the 2 sessions :  English tea and cakes included of course...

 Regular Abc  Cellar students can  replace  or catch up their class sessions by subscribing to a weekend session or consider it as their " free theme night" offered with 10 sessions booked.

 ( Minimum of 5 participants . Theme afternoon limited to 10 participants . So  Sign up quick at p.abcbooks@gmail.com First Come First Served !