July 30, 2012

Summer News .. Relax and enjoy it !!

 Enjoy both the lazy summer and the less lazy OLYMPICS 2012  !

        YES I WAS in England and NO I wasn't participating .. but I watched it all in real Time  Live ( on screen) and realised how British  I must be ...

 If you didn't see it  TAKE TIME to watch and read the links below  and GET READY to join the
ABC Cellar in September....

 OPEN HOUSE 8th / 9th September .. tell and Bring Your Friends , Chat over a cup of tea and cake with other members or newcomers.; and make a good " Back to School" resolution to learn English in a relaxing friendly way with people of all ages and backgrounds !

 Ready ... Steady ....



 Look Forward to seeing you in September .. be amongst  the first to sign up !! Or others will get there first !       Places are limited to 6 per group  !

 ( for more info and tariffs contact me at p.abcbooks@gmail.com )

 Very kind regards to all  wherever you are ! ;)

July 22, 2012

Happy Holidays !

 Have a great, restful , peaceful, sunny holiday  all of you .. I  have met some intersting and motivated people at "open house" this weekend .. aged  12 to  81 and very motivated to join ! .. Am  looking forward to seeing you again in september with the new recruits ! .. send me a mail as soon as you've made the good resolution to sign up for  Conversation classes and Theme Nights at the ABC Cellar... Classes start the 10th of September ! ..
 Very kind regards to all ... however you spend your summer ! .. The cellar and I will be ready and waiting !

July 11, 2012


 There are some places left !!! Next Thursday 19th July from 8- pm to 10pm 5  (12 euros )
 Come and Join us for fun and  games , test your English , your numbers , your general knowledge  meet new people, feel the  AbcCellar atmosphere, drink a glass of wine , hear and speak non -stop English  and win prizes... !

 What  MORE could you want ???  Register at p.abcbooks@gmail.com