December 30, 2013

Happy Ends and New Beginnings ..

                           All the best to you for the end of this year and lots of Happy New things for 2014 ! Keep and eye on the blog for the Theme Night Events starting with the Traditional Burns  Night  Saturday January 25th .. For a meal of Haggis, neeps and tatties  with a taste of whisky and poetry.

                                                      A Romantic Music Night for  February and  Irish Night in March .  Another food evening in April and Games  Nights in May ... SO KEEP SAFE and HAPPY and enjoy NEW YEAR'S EVE ..
Looking forward to seeing you  in class as of the 6th January ...

November 30, 2013

Christmas is coming ..

 19th December from 8pm ... come and Share in the British atmosphere ...

 Share music and laughter with jokes from the Crackers ... and you'll be pleased to see

The Christmas Raffle Hamper is back ...

 What's a Hamper ?

 a large basket usually with a cover for packing, storing, or transporting articles (as food or laundry)
 and this can be won  at the abc Cellar . what's a Raffle ?
A lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win a prize.

  at the Cellar the  XMAS  HAMPER is full of  British DELIGHTS 
 One Ticket 3 EUROS ; 2 for 5 euros or 5 tickets for 10 euros ...
  ( value  of hamper  more than 50 euros  ) INCLUDING a FREE ENGLISH CLASS  for you or your loved ones !
 This Year you can also win  2 Smaller  Hampers since this is the 3rd Xmas  at the ABC Cellar.
 Come and Join us for Mulled Wine and Crackers  and perhaps even some XMAS PUDDING ?! Listen to and Join in the  traditional Christmas Carols.

 So put the date in Your Diary : Thursday 19th December ...
   Places Limited !
 Send a mail to register to 14 euros payable in advance at the cellar please.
  places will be allotted on a first come first served basis ..already only 11 places left 
 Hope to see you there ...


November 24, 2013

Theme Night fully booked .. but ...

 "This Is England" Film Festival on this week : Omnia  Cinema 8pm every eve  . See you there ( apart from Thursday of course !)
image d'accueil

November 17, 2013

Games Night :Food Glorious food !

 The next Games Night will be on Thursday 28th November and the theme is
 "  The Best of  British Food "   ( ? !)     come and join us and see  that there is more
to  British Cooking than the dreaded Jelly !
 Contact me  at to sign up  8pm-10pm 12 euros for 2 hours of non- stop English. All ages and levels welcome.
 It's also a chance to buy great recipe books as Christmas Presents ! A great  way to learn English too.. So " Don't delay , Sign up Today "! places limited !

November 1, 2013

November days ...

So Today is  November  Ist .. and lots of things to remember  : people we have loved and continue to even though they have passed away  ...
There is no holiday in England but  the  November traditions
 coming soon  are :

 5th November Guy Fawkes of course " Remember rememember the 5th of November ..."

 another English tradition ...

11th November , 11th Hour of 11th day

 There will be another Games Night at the end of November , ( date to be confirmed ) 
 and the " This is England " Film festival at the Omnia will be the last week of 
 keep your eyes on the blog ...

October 3, 2013


 .. but there will be more soon ! The Games evening was very quickly booked up , with regulars and newcomers to the cellar ..
 So for those who are coming : revise you numbers 1 - 100  for Bingo , check your alphabet , revise you English culture and prepare your smile and best accent ..
 There have been an incredible amount of " Coincidences" with people meeting people they have already met .. so who knows you may meet up with an old friend or find a new partner !!
 Life is full of surprises so Forget your French , " Be prepared " for Fun and Games  and a glass of Wine  and this year's First Games night  . Thursday 10th Oct from 8pm Sharp to 10 pm .. ish ;)

 If you couldn't get a place but need  to hear more English and laughter , you can do so  at the MDU
 ( Maison de l'universit√© at Mt st Aignan )on Friday 11th. you can join me  to watch  the best of  Silly Sketches by " STILL KIDDING"  !
so see you next weeku

September 9, 2013


  You are all  VERY WELCOME to come to the ABC CELLAR this weekend  on  Saturday  14th and Sunday 15th  from 3.30 to 5.30 pm for  free Tea , Cakes and  English Conversation 

 .. meet old friends and meet new  people  who love Speaking English ...all levels welcome !

There are VERY FEW PLACES left in  Conversation classes now  so ,  I will be signing people up for  waiting lists  and also  for the first   regular   "Games Evening"

 to be held at the ABCellar on Thursday 10th OCTOBER from 8pm to 10pm . This can be a good introduction to the  Cellar , special introductory  price of 10 euros for  2 hours  in which you can learn English in a dynamic , joyful atmosphere ;)
 Places limited to  20  people max ! Bring your   smile and energy to the Cellar !

 So stop by to meet me and Join the club !
First come first served !

August 31, 2013

English Conversation classes at the Abc Cellar ...

 Hello , the NEW SCHOOL YEAR is round the corner with good resolutions to be made  ...

 A word of advice :  Learning and  SPEAKING ENGLISH  is  MUCH BETTER than learning the Hula HOOP    
 ...and MUCH LESS DANGEROUS  .....!!

 Learning and Improving your English skills at  the ABC Cellar is fun,  GENTLE , involves no back pain, you can meet new friends and gain confidence in Yourself ... ( and drink tea and eat Biscuits !!)

 Success Guaranteed !
 so contact me at  ( In English if possible ) and I will tell you more  ..

 Classes for all levels and ages !
 Put down that instrument of torture NOW and send me a mail .
 Looking forward to hearing from you !

July 27, 2013

The" all English" end of Year dinner ....

 So , the year ended in style with a full table of English speakers , once more at
 "La petite Bouffe restaurant"
 a good time was had by all and I look forward to seeing you all again in September  for more adventures ...


June 22, 2013

The French and English sharing food ... ?

 Have a look at this :

It doesnt yet exist in Rouen  to my knowledge .. but who knows ...

A chance to share  your  culinary skills with foreigners and   possibly  speak in English ?

May 28, 2013

.. From Educating the Mind to the Belly .. .

 The month of May was full of holidays and  " days off" in true French style and it  just " flew by"  so  now  we are back  at work ...

Here is another final link to the Shakespeare chapter
 before we move on to consider June's festivities ....

 The  end of the year is coming closer  and sooner than we think  SO .. what  better way than to organise once more the " ONLY English  SPOKEN dinner" ...
 Please start  thinking about it  and join us , it was a great  success last year !

 I will fix a date very soon .. probably two evenings  from 8 o'clock onwards  Limited to 12 people each time  .

 I'm thinking of the Pti Dalloz which is near the  Law university .. it will be quieter than last years place .. and the food is  very  good  value for money too..

 Also there will be another Games Night at the Cellar by popular request ..

 and if you have any more suggestions, please tell me  ...

March 13, 2013


 Come and join us ... the ABC of SHAKESPEARE  .... forBeginners and Lovers  ...

    ... Tomorrow at 8pm at the ABc Bookshop Cellar  Rue des faulx ... ( 15 euros ) Drinks included !

March 1, 2013

" To aBc or not To aBc .. ? That is the Question " ...!!

  (adapted from  Hamlet Act I scene 3)

Why not Join us to  Discover Shakespeare

 on Thursday March 14th at the Abc Cellar  at 8pm :

The Theatre  life  in London, his writing, and  the  Music of  his times .
 A short original introduction to find out more  about the Man and  no longer Fear his words  !...
 The Language of Shakespeare, Simplified and Made accessible  to all, through  his Songs, words  and Sonnets ...

Musical interludes with  
Crystal Tears : Kate Lepage  ( Soprano ) Olivier Fodor ( Lute)

  " if Music be the Food of love ; Play on " ( Twelfth Night Act I scene 1)
 so sign up now by mail
 to . Remember : Places limited  ( 15 euros Drinks  included !)