March 9, 2018

The end of ABC ?

Dear all,  Students and friends

  kn=nl  “ Thank you”  mlhùxkn

for  having been part of the “ABC Cellar” members  in conversation  classes or Theme Nights …

Thank you  for your confidence in me whether you came for 5 classes or 6 years… !

A  chapter  of ABC is now closing as :
       Jane at the bookshop is retiring and It’s a good time for me to close my ABC  cellar doors and  …… 
 for my new project to start !

 So I’m inviting you to my  
             “HOUSE  CLOSING “ at the ABC Cellar

            on Saturday 31st  March from 6pm to  11pm 

Come and share a glass of wine or two,  see past members, speak English ( or French exceptionally )  and share fond memories…and  maybe encourage the :

            k ujhv          “NEW ME at 53 “ !!            khvj i

and why not even continue to read my blog  in English  and/or be a small part of my 

 “NEW  UGANDAN ABC  PROJECT” where i go as a volunteer in June/ July 

I  will be very happy to see you again and share a  last moment at 
the ABC  Cellar .  
RSVP so i know how much wine ;) ( If You cant pass by , many thanks again anyway for your support )

Kisses to all,   
  Pascale  ( aka Queen p ;)   

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