September 8, 2018

Chapter 3 begins ...

So ,  the Ruhanga development school chapter is over .. with quite mixed feelings I admit (long story) but now i'm turning a page  and moving swiftly on to  :
 CHAPTER 3 .... .. and it certainly looks as though I will be travelling and speaking English ( or Welsh ) ; but maybe more to cats than people as i'd like to House sit round the world, with select company  while working on my " PHEW "project  :"Private Holiday English Weeks"  which may become chapter 4 in a year or so .. ( ideas welcome)
 With regards to abc group  conversation classes , they may just resume in a while but not on a weekly basis and  individual conference preparation is still an option...
 so WATCH THIS SPACE and BONNE RENTREE to you all of course !

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