January 2, 2012



Here are a few dates  for "theme evenings".. please contact me  ( asap ) as soon as possible at p.abcbooks@gmail.com  if you wish to sign up for any “ theme nights “  or events :
1) Thursday  12TH JANUARY  7.30 pm to 9.30pm another GAMES NIGHT !  2 hours of Fun  English to start the year !.. all levels welcome  invite your friends  and meet new people  (12 euros).

2)Thursday 19th Jan  en français ?!!.  6.15/30 to 8.30pm «  il ya gentleman et gentleman»Sherlock Holmes vs Arsene Lupin in conjunction with LIBRAIRIE POLIS : LIEU  rue Perciere. Patrick Gree will be talking  en français and
I will be  reading of extracts of Sherlock Holmes in English  after :   Free entrance  with a glass of wine of course (PLEASE NOTE  No class that evening.)     http://www.librairie-polis.com/
3) Tuesday 24th January Burns Night 8pm  Celebrate Scotland ( very few places left ( 18 euros)

 Is it TRUE that the Scots are  MEAN ?? 
 No of Course not :  and to Prove it : there   TWO  full hampers of Scottish Products to be won with raffle Tickets !. NO MORE EXPENSIVE THAN BEFORE .. so TRY YOUR LUCK !!  3 euros a ticket /  2 for 5 euros or  5 tickets  for 10 EUROS ... A bargain !!

4) Friday 17th February  “Crystal Tears” Soprano Kate Lepage and lutist  :  Elizabethan English songs
 ( 15 euros)

And soon after .. mid March   I would like to plan an English dinner .. possibly   at  “La Petite Bouffe” restaurant just near ABC . Order your meal in English and speak English while eating .. and drinking  !.. price and date to be confirmed; please tell me if you are interested. I will tell you date and price asap! Probably 20/25 euros

And  I will welcome back… The  One Two Two  barber shop singers and
Magician guilhem Julia  dates to be fixed !

  5 ) A Whole Intensive Sunday    7 Full  HOURS  to learn and speak MORE  English , discover texts , music  and Taste British products .. Marmite ? marmelade ,  Baked beans ? Twiglets ?  crumpets ? scones ? hot cross buns ?  Cheddar ? ale ?  10.30 am to  5.30pm SUNDAY 22nd or (  29 april ) . Brunch included .  8 participants max. ( 60 euros)  ( 45 euros if part of  10 classes booked)

Other dates and theme nights will be announced too.. AND  I MAYBE PLANNING A 2 NIGHT WEEKEND TO CANTERBURY by car  for 15 people  in 3 cars… Drivers needed !

SO .. if you have told me you wish to continue classes or come to theme nights  but have not registered officially .. please do so very soon
 Classes and nights will be organised on a  “first paid  first served”  basis and remember  numbers are limited …
Looking forward to welcoming you back and introducing you to the newcomers …

You  and  your friends can come to theme nights without coming to classes .. !! Please note that for classes and theme nights,  payment needs to be made in advance.  Many thanks !

For  Your  teenage Children and  nephews and nieces  ; there is an English course  “ Hop over the channel “ 15 hours ( 150 euros)  from 9am to 12pm from  5th to 9th March at the  Abc Cellar … please spread the word !

SO ….

HAPPY NEW ENGLISH YEAR !! and see you with great pleasure very soon …

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