January 25, 2012

Another Mystery ?? and more theme evenings..

 Well , the Burns Night was a success , even if we had difficulty understanding the " Ode to a Haggis" .. tasting haggis was a new experience for many  of those present , and it went down well ! Thanks to Caroline from the  Irish Shop  in Rouen who came and invited us to smell ( not drink) different Whiskies. Perhaps later in the year we will organise a Tasting session ....

 As soon as I can I will reveal THE LEGS of the one man who came and wore a " sort of kilt" ...

 To encourage you to read the documents I  Distributed  here are some  questions .. the  first  3 people  to contact me on the blog  comments or by mail will win a Scottish  Tea towel .. or a DVD showing the sights of Scotland .. so get to your brochures....

 1) What is the name of the film on the " correct/ incorrect" exercice ?
 2) How does the journalist's father refer to Aberdeen ? ( last article)
3) What is the expression " amber bead" a reference to in the Ode to a Haggis ?

 So   keep an eye on the blog for the next events ..
 " Crystal tears" .. on Friday 17th Feb ...
 A dinner for 14 at the " petite" bouffe in March ; ONLY ENGLISH SPOKEN !!  ( Order your meal  from an English menu in English !) If there is a huge demand this evening can be done twice .. it is limited to 14 each time including 2/ 3 native speakers .... Alot of people have already shown an interest! 2 hours of English Conversation in a " real life"  situation.
 And we will of course find a  suitable way to Celebrate St Patrick  in March with music and product tasting! without getting totally drunk as seems to be the custom over there !

 In April Guilhen the magician will be  back with his show ... date to be announced and of course there will be another games  Night soon  and perhaps a " Speed  talking / dating in English !!!

 Keep you eyes on the blog please I will also organise half days on Saturdays and Sundays at the cellar for 3/ 4 hours of English with " Tea and  Scones".... and if you know teenagers ( nice ones) who want to do English afternoons ( 14/16 year olds) in  the second week of the hols 5th to 9th march then please tell them to contact me for details..

 Thanks again to those who came and made the evening so enjoyable !

 Tell  your friends about the Cellar ... Hope to see you soon...

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  1. As always Pascale's themed Burns Night was unique,interesting and great fun. A nice bunch of people spending time together, speaking in English and trying haggis, neeps and tatties.
    Don't miss out on the next theme night book now!