January 9, 2012

Games Night This week

  I am happy , or sorry ( ?)  to say that the Games Night on Thursday this week  ( 12th Jan ) is fully booked ... But there will be other dates ....

Here are some of the  types of questions you may be asked , so for those who have booked their places ..
 1)True / False  a preposition is never followed by a noun .

2) Who said  " Beam me up scotty"

 3) How many days does Phileas Fogg have to circumnavigate the globe ?

4) What am I : A welcome place at the end of the day , but not a place for a prolonged stay  .

5) Which Mr. Men character am I ?
 6) Name an animal, an town and a flower beginning with the letter "b" 

 SO ... " get your Thinking caps on " .. and be there for 7.30 pm sharp on Thursday .. for fun and games .. and prizes ! and a chance to play the tombola and buy raffle tickets for the  Scottish Burns Night coming up on the 24th of course....
 Look forward to seeing you soon  at the ABC Cellar...!

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