June 15, 2015

Back to Rouen ...

 To all those of you who sponsored me by coming to the  Games quiz theme evenings : a big

I raised 230  euros which will shortly paid to Cancer research UK .

   Sadly it is  soon coming to the end of the ABC Cellar  Year now .. It's been a year full of Highs  (and  a few lows of course ) but what is CERTAIN  is that you've  all helped  me make my life , fitter, funnier, healthier, happier and fuller  with your friendship and confidence in me  

 with great new moments in my life to come  with you all I hope by my side ...
 It's been a great pleasure for me to be "working" with you all  and I hope you also feel I've helped YOU progress in a little way in confidence in yourselves too in English...

  So I can certainly  look forward to September with a " YES I DO , I CAN, I WILL  and a lighter heart and spring in my Step ready for A  new  BIG  Chapter in my life and the next 50 years !
and another  Cancer Race in Rouen in October where i hope you will join me ... ?

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