September 10, 2014

A final " Open House"

will be held on Wednesday  17th september from 3.30 to 5.30 pm  and is a last chance to sign up for classes or the  First  Games night ( only 5 places left) ...

If You  can't come to regular conversation classes you can  always  register as an Official 
"MEMBER  and friend" of the Cellar for only  25 euros a year and you can borrow Magazines , dvds and games  and be included on the theme Night " First Come First Served " list . 

 If you register on the blog as a follower you are automatically told when a new post appears on the blog , or put your mail address in here on the right ......

You can also buy your own original " ABC CELLAR  Limited Edition MUG" for  only 
10 euros and flash on the QR code often and see the blog on your smart phone  ( just  get the QR code app ) while  having your Tea at Breakfast or Tea time  in the comfort of your own home and impress you partner or friends !

. So HURRY to the  cosy / cool Cellar  to see what's new next Wednesday . Tell and Bring your friends discover a  " Small part of Britain in the Heart of Rouen  !"

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