November 13, 2011

Theme nights ??? What are they ?

 What are  THEME NIGHTS really ?? Many of you ask..

A way to learn English differently, effortlessly and pleasurably
 Who can come ?
Adults and Teens ..  all levels ... ( PEU IMPORTE VOTRE NIVEAU )
What is the price ?
From 12 - 20 euros depending on the evening.  Refreshments included .            
Where are they  held ?
 In the ABC Bookshop Cellar, Passage de la petite Horloge Rouen
What time ?
 Normally from 7.30 pm to 9.30pm or 8pm to 10pm.
How do I register ?
 By mail to Please pay in advance. Seats are limited ! ( 15-20 people )
What else  should I know ?
just  come and Enjoy yourselves in a cosy British home atmosphere.. and IMPROVE FAST !


When I was in the Cellar recently I heard a lady walk past  with a friend  and notice the new signpost :

Cours/conversation         .
Soirées à Themes           .
 pour plus d'info..    

and this was the actual  conversation I heard :

lady A - Tiens cest nouveau ça ," Cours/ conversation"  ça a l'air pas mal; on doit parler anglais là ..
lady B - tu parles anglais toi ?
       A - oui, oui je me débrouille .
       B - Et ça alors ca veux dire quoi " Theme nights " ..  ?
       A - bein ça ca veut  dire des jeux de nuits .....
       B - ah bon d'accord !

........ and they walked on !!!

 SO inspired by this and other unfortunante misunderstandings .. HERE GOES :

 A 2 hour English Class with a wonderful difference!
 Organised in close collaboration with the  " performer (s)" .

  "Who are the Performers ?" : They are  people I have selected because of their special talent in their diverse fields , with ONE COMMON Interest : Their passion for their " stuff " and enjoyment of ENGLISH whether it be Music, Literature , Magic, History, Business,Language, Food, Travelling .. or other delights

 and they  share their passion  in ENGLISH with You on the night...!

 They may be of any nationality , with any accent, and level of English ... but  they do what they do in ENGLISH for the Cellar ....

 "IS IT  LIKE A LESSON ?"    YES AND NO :  my idea and passion is bringing people together of different cultures, backgrounds, levels in English and with different motivations to experience and learn English  differently .. because some of you have struggled for years to learn and ENJOY ENGLISH ...

 The  "Performances" will be interspersed with  varied moments of  vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, texts, poetry, historical contexts, film extracts ... and other things to help you understand and learn more  about the subject too ...
 You can of course see some of the performers at different shows during the year at other places but not necessarily in English ...

 So here are some more FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

 " Do I need to speak English" ? NO ;. but it helps if you understand a minimum .. The idea is to improve !

 " Do I have to participate in some way?   NO but you are very welcome to help out the magician for example, and learn to sing a Christmas Carol .. but  you can just listen  and watch...

 " Can I bring my friends  ? " Yes with pleasure ...Tell people around you about the THEME EVENINGS  You can even pay for them  by buying a special Theme night Gift Card from 12 to  50 euros as a Birthday or Christmas present ! see previous blog post " Christmas in November" ..

" Can my children come" ? Because theme nights are in the evening and IN ENGLISH they are basically for adults with a minimum of English and the subject may be difficult to understand ...

 " Will there ever be events for children ? "   THEME AFTERNOONS  will exist next year  I hope, adapted to children, games , magic, music, reading etc ...

 " Can I propose a  Theme Night idea  ? " Of course if you are a specialist in  and / or passionate about something and wish to present your passion IN ENGLISH  , Don't hesitate to talk  to me about it ..

 .. ad more practically .......

 " When  can I eat if the Theme night is from 7.30 to 9.30 ??" Well there will always be " Nibbles " and a drink" .. but why not prolong the Theme night and go after for a meal and speak IN ENGLISH about the NIGHT ??
For Burns Night in January for example their will be a light meal of Haggis, Neeps and tattties and short bread fudge and a " wee dram of whisky offered " ( DON'T EAT BEFORE )

 " How much does an evening cost  ?" from 12 to 20 euros depending on the Night.
 If you book for TEN Conversation classes, ONE THEME evening of your choice is ABSOLUTELY FREE !

 " How do I book  ? " send me a mail to or tell me in person before or after class. I am  not far from the Cellar so can often be there in 5 mins ! You are officially registered when I have your payment.

 so "  How can YOU help  Ms Greene ? " .. In many different ways

 Part of the fun is planning the evenings and organising the room to welcome the performers , to  make sure the evening goes  smoothly..
 If you wish to help   IN ANY WAY  by  publicity, setting up the room , putting up curtains, helping with electricity, giving encouragement, taking photos if the evening for the blog, serving drinks etc etc of course it will be very much appreciated ... Please just contact me by mail...

 There are lots of skills you have that I dont !!!!!

 and finally


 PLEASE Be Punctual
 Don't be late ! of course  it can happen but 7.30pm is 7.30pm
 7.45 is 7.45 !  Often I will have a class just before , so if you arrive  ahead of time you can chat to people  in the court yard IN ENGLISH  as you arrive

 " What time does an evening finish  ?" From 9.30 - 10pm ...

 any help clearing up after is always appreciated ..

" So where can  I Find out more ?" Look at the blog regularly and look out for posters around town and at the ABC Bookshop and at the Cellar ...

 SO , I hope that makes things clearer  and any mis understandings have been cleared up.. perhaps i should contact those two elderly ladies somehow ... any ideas  ???????

 I really  Look Forward to "  THEME NIGHTS" and  welcoming those of you I have seduced with this new way of " TAKING TIME FOR ENGLISH "
The  Theme Nights from now to February are each explained on the blog , see previous posts ..

 Enjoy your week ;
 Ms G

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