November 20, 2016

and the winner is ...

                                            ..............         Oh-Be-Joyful ! ..

and lets indeed  ! in these strange times...
 Congratulations are once again in order to Susan Richardson and her team who we were  unfortunately able to meet ...

Check it out and try to see however and whenever you can ........
  The ABC Cellar voting team also really  enjoyed : Killing Thyme, Crack, Home and Operator  !

Well done to all !

November 5, 2016


     The 5th edition with an ABC cash Prize this year again for a film selected by The ABC team ...
 Hope to see you there to meet and speak to the actors, directors and producers.

September 4, 2016

" Open House"

The Abc Cellar is now refreshed and ready for the annual " Open house" next Saturday and Sunday 10th/11th September from 3pm to 6pm . Come and meet me and have English conversation with tea and biscuits, meet last years students and register for the  English conversation classes  starting September 12th.

Hope to see you there , all levels welcome !

August 30, 2016

Welcome back !

Dear All,
Watch this space for News of dates for the New ABC Open House and Classes starting soon...
Looking forward to seeing you again , or meeting new people .. click on the video on the right to see the Cellar which awaits you ...

May 14, 2016

The life of Brian is back !!

 Go to see the Still Kidding troupe at the Theatre de l'almendra this Tuesday :

 great entertainment in English !

 a great evening out !

January 29, 2016

hoots mon !

 Thanks to the Abc members who participated  in this great evening ...and to my special " man in a kilt"

January 10, 2016

Scottish night coming soon ....

 last chance to sign up .. the evening will pbly be held at NOW CO-Working ... 20 euros 2h30 non stop  English and a 3 course typical meal .. contact me at 
 oh ay the noo !!!

December 25, 2015

Pure Christmas Magic

 Christmas quizz ...

How  do you to transform one great gift into another ...
A flower vase into a goldfish bowl...?? 

A big Thanks to guilhem Julia , a great friend and yet World renowned Magician for his great christmas gift today ... Prolonging and ending this exceptional wedding/birthday party of 2015 ! 
I  NOW own performing goldfish from his famous Fish Act ! Wow what an honour ...
Who can answer these questions :
1) how many goldfish are there in this bowl ?
2) Who can guess their names ?
3) what is the plural of fish ?
4) why are they red in French and " gold" in English ?
Ps thanks to seb berno for the perfect bowl !

 Another great show on March 5Th  2016 book early to be sure of Tickets in Paris ;)