December 31, 2012

Christmas photos, New Year Wishes and Burns Night !

 The First term of The Abc Cellar ended with 2 wonderful Chrsitmas evenings .. thanks to all those who made them possible .. you can see some photos  of the singing and the arrival of " the puddings" here thanks to seb . Berno..

 The next Abc Cellar evening is on the 22nd January and is the famous BURNS NIGHT with a genuine meal of Haggis  neeps and tatties ... send me a mail to sign up for this  truly Scottish evening ... Places  limited  ( 18 euros).. but still posssible of course !
 Click on the links  to see the origins of This great  Tradition ..

 Meanwhile HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of YOU .. ABC CELLAR members , followers and friends ! See you for classes on the week of the 7th January !

December 15, 2012

The Christmas Raffle Hamper is back ...

 What's a Hamper ?

 a large basket usually with a cover for packing, storing, or transporting articles (as food or laundry)
 and this can be won in the RAFFLE ; at the abc Cellar . what's a Raffle ?raf·fle 1  (rfl) ?????
A lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win a prize.
[Probably from French rafleact of seizing, from Old French; see raffle1.]

but  at the Cellar we don't  "wash our dirty laundry in public" !!!  So the  XMAS  HAMPER is full of  British DELIGHTS 
 One Ticket 3 EUROS ; 4 tickets for 10 euros ...
  ( value 40 euros plus ) INCLUDING a FREE ENGLISH CLASS  for you or your loved ones !

        2 HAMPERS TO WIN or consolation prize the  "LIMITED EDITION ABC DESK CALENDAR "

 Come and buy tickets NOW  .. or sunday afternoon from 5pm to 6pm at the Cellar  with a cup of tea ! 
 Abc Cellar Passage de la petite Horloge Rouen .. see you there !!!!

December 14, 2012


Christmas gifts ! GOOD NEWSHo! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas!

 The Abc Bookshop will stay open  later on the 2 Christmas eves from 6pm to 8pm Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th so you can shop at your leisure and pick up  original gifts .. Mugs ,

 books  A Christmas Carol (picture book edition) By Charles Dickens Illustrated by Brett Helquist for all the family, jacket image for Mug - Together - Norman Douglasposters, Games ..  " KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON " gifts  Cards ,Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas! Posters and  of course  boxes of CRACKERS .File:ChristmasCrackers 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
 British Xmas wouldnt be xmas without them

 and remember " Better than Socks" .. buy a Free English  Conversation Lesson for your friends ...
 ( 15 euros)   from and at the Cellar !

 What an original idea ..  It may change their lives  forever .. and socks only get holes .. or lost !

 so see you there and make Xmas British this year !

November 25, 2012

Coming soon ...

   “Christmas Time”
at the  ABC Cellar  : 

A Taste of Christmas 
with mulled Wine, Mince Pies  and Crackers ! Join us for Carol singing in True English style... Listen, and   join in... 

Discover English  traditions and texts ...

Behind Abc Bookshop, Passage de la petite Horloge, Rouen, Tuesday 18th and Thursday December 20th
8pm – 10pm  12 Euros
 contact to book


October 16, 2012

October 8, 2012


  An English short Film festival is coming to Rouen ... should be VERY intersting .. click on Link below :

 and meanwhile , for the Romantics  ( ?)! another Version of  the Classic Jane Eyre  is on at the Melville Rouen ...

October 3, 2012

Some dates for your diary ...

If you are / were unable to come to games Night in October, don't worry ... By popular request there will be another one soon ; but on a WEDNESDAY    next time 14th  NOVEMBER  . From  8pm to 10pm.
 You can  reserve your place already. Usual conditions apply.

 The following event will be the really popular Christmas Night with  Mulled Wine , Crackers and pudding . With Christmas traditions and of course  CAROL SINGING . ( Who is Carol you may ask ? ) well come and find out :) .. and join in  the singing!  Thursday 20th December ( 12 euros )

 And Next year we will of course start the year with BURN'S NIGHT ..A Traditional  Scottish meal of tatties and haggis will be  cooked by a wee Scots lass and myself .  AND WE ALREADY HAVE A PROMISE OF A MAN IN A KILT ....
 Tuesday 22nd January 20 euros  including Whisky tasting !

 ... so  SIGN UP NOW at
 see you soon !

September 16, 2012


 The First GAMES NIGHT at the Abc CELLAR ... will coincide with The CEllAR'S FIRST BIRTHDAY !

 SIGN UP now for this special theme night   From 8pm SHARP /ON THE DOT / PRECISELY!
 till 1O O'clock ish ...

 Come and test your numbers ,your vocab , idioms, culture and general knowledge  in and of ENGLISH! .. a new game every time with new and familiar faces  ...

 The only rule  shared by all the Games is " ONLY ENGLISH SPOKEN " .. so sign up now at
 ( payment in advance  of night please ) 12 euros ...

 includes a glass of wine or juice and there are very British prizes to be won !


THEME NIGHTS ...What are they ? .... click below !

September 9, 2012


 Thank you to all those who visited the cellar .. It was very busy  and great fun. Classes start Tomorrow Monday ..  BUT there are still some places  left...

There is now  a waiting list for the Monday class ( advanced level)

  but  DON'T HESITATE to contact me by mail to  meeet and see possibilities.

 Information about the " THEME NIGHTS " will come very soon .

                                                   WATCH THIS SPACE !