September 16, 2012


 The First GAMES NIGHT at the Abc CELLAR ... will coincide with The CEllAR'S FIRST BIRTHDAY !

 SIGN UP now for this special theme night   From 8pm SHARP /ON THE DOT / PRECISELY!
 till 1O O'clock ish ...

 Come and test your numbers ,your vocab , idioms, culture and general knowledge  in and of ENGLISH! .. a new game every time with new and familiar faces  ...

 The only rule  shared by all the Games is " ONLY ENGLISH SPOKEN " .. so sign up now at
 ( payment in advance  of night please ) 12 euros ...

 includes a glass of wine or juice and there are very British prizes to be won !


THEME NIGHTS ...What are they ? .... click below !

September 9, 2012


 Thank you to all those who visited the cellar .. It was very busy  and great fun. Classes start Tomorrow Monday ..  BUT there are still some places  left...

There is now  a waiting list for the Monday class ( advanced level)

  but  DON'T HESITATE to contact me by mail to  meeet and see possibilities.

 Information about the " THEME NIGHTS " will come very soon .

                                                   WATCH THIS SPACE !

September 6, 2012


                         OPEN HOUSE TODAY 8TH/9TH SEPT 2pm-6PM

Class times ...
5.30 – 6.50pm  AND  6.55 – 8.15pm

 4.30- 5.50pm   AND    5.55 – 7.15pm

 3.30pm – 5 pm FOR YOUNG TEENAGERS 

 5pm- 6.20pm

1pm – 2.20pm

There may also be occasional Saturday morning groups from 10 to 11.20 am

 Classes start monday  10th September... as soon as 4 people join a group. Some classes nearly full already !! 6 people maximum !

September 3, 2012


 Thinking of  " brushing up " your English ?  and / or making remarkable improvements fast, meeting  and sharing ideas with new people with the same motivation as you  for  ENGLISH?

Then think no more ... just come and join us
                      Next Saturday or Sunday 8th / 9th september 
                                          from 2pm to 6 pm

Get a taste  of real English Tea  and cakes  and find out  more about signing up for  weekly conversation sessions in a British home atmosphere.

                        ALL WELCOME !

July 30, 2012

Summer News .. Relax and enjoy it !!

 Enjoy both the lazy summer and the less lazy OLYMPICS 2012  !

        YES I WAS in England and NO I wasn't participating .. but I watched it all in real Time  Live ( on screen) and realised how British  I must be ...

 If you didn't see it  TAKE TIME to watch and read the links below  and GET READY to join the
ABC Cellar in September....

 OPEN HOUSE 8th / 9th September .. tell and Bring Your Friends , Chat over a cup of tea and cake with other members or newcomers.; and make a good " Back to School" resolution to learn English in a relaxing friendly way with people of all ages and backgrounds !

 Ready ... Steady ....

 Look Forward to seeing you in September .. be amongst  the first to sign up !! Or others will get there first !       Places are limited to 6 per group  !

 ( for more info and tariffs contact me at )

 Very kind regards to all  wherever you are ! ;)

July 22, 2012

Happy Holidays !

 Have a great, restful , peaceful, sunny holiday  all of you .. I  have met some intersting and motivated people at "open house" this weekend .. aged  12 to  81 and very motivated to join ! .. Am  looking forward to seeing you again in september with the new recruits ! .. send me a mail as soon as you've made the good resolution to sign up for  Conversation classes and Theme Nights at the ABC Cellar... Classes start the 10th of September ! ..
 Very kind regards to all ... however you spend your summer ! .. The cellar and I will be ready and waiting !

July 11, 2012


 There are some places left !!! Next Thursday 19th July from 8- pm to 10pm 5  (12 euros )
 Come and Join us for fun and  games , test your English , your numbers , your general knowledge  meet new people, feel the  AbcCellar atmosphere, drink a glass of wine , hear and speak non -stop English  and win prizes... !

 What  MORE could you want ???  Register at

May 30, 2012

sketches in English ...THIS WEEK !

 Tomorrow and Friday at the Maison de l'université  Mt st aignan 8.30pm ! Should be very good ! Join me and others there !
 Titles above in French ... bring your friends !

Silly Tchaïkovsky

May 17, 2012

Dinner at la Petite Bouffe Rouen.. Only English spoken !

Come and Order your meal in English from the English Menu! and speak only English between mouthfuls...

 A small selection :
                                      Small white-sausage and Fresh scallop salad
                                      Lobster and prawn "Verrine"
                                      "Parfait" of Goat cheese and smoked salmon
                                                              Main Dishes
                                      Thai Beef
                                      Pork in Caramel with figs or apricots
                                      Lasagna with eggplant, thyme and tomato
                                                       Choice of Cheese


                                       Cheesecake with redberries
                                       Profiterolles with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream
                                       Rhubarb crumble


                                    Wine and soft drinks included !

These are just some of the delicious dishes... but because " La petite Bouffe" use mainly fresh ingredients, dishes may vary on the night.

 2 Possible Nights Monday 11th June and Tuesday 19th June 8pm (1 table of 14 per evening)

Price  only  25  euros for a whole evening of Good food, a chance to speak English in a " real life situation" and to  make new anglophile friends  .... and  of course  with some Native English Humour  thrown in !

Reservations  to by 4th June at the latest.